Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 4 Discussion Question

In Chapter 8 at the party, we learn about what Maria is encouraging people to do - STRIKE! She tells the people "they are small, meek animals. And that is how they treat us because we don't speak up." She tells the people they should fight for better homes and higher wages (aka more money). Many of the people though tell her that they just want to feed their families and that striking is a chance they cannot take because they could lose their jobs and homes. What does a strike mean in your own words? Do you think the people should listen to Marta and fight for a better life, or should they not risk it and stay as they are now? Explain your thinking with examples from the book. What do you predict will happen? 

Make sure to write in complete sentences and use details from the story to support your answers. Type this in your blogging doc first so you can make corrections if necessary. Make sure to edit and revise your answer before you post it.


  1. In my opinion strike means“Three strikes you're out” I think this because Maria says it so violently like if someone says that like that it kind of means somthing harsh. Also she seems so confident like “WE NEED MORE MONEY MORE FOOD MORE STUFF!!!!!!” And if Marias like that she means she needs more and she wants more money so strike means you are out I want MORE money! I think what will happen is people will listen to Maria because that is pretty much right. They should be getting more money and more freedom and they are treated like animals! They should have the right to get more money. I think this because these people do lots of hard work and what do they get? Small amount of food and 1 bed only! So they should get more.

  2. In my own words, the strike means losing your right to work in America and going back to Mexico. I think that they shouldn’t listen to Marta because if they do, they will have no food and starve. If they don’t, they stay in California and work for money and feed their families. I predict that Esperanza will have to get a new job to pay her mother’s hospital bills. I think this because she can’t pay the bill by picking avocados. For example, if she worked for the railroad, she would be able to pay her mother’s hospital bill in a week.