Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 3 Discussion Question

As Esperanza and her mother begin the journey to California they realize that their life will never be the same. Esperanza has a hard time adjusting to this new way of life as a peasant/commoner. "Esperanza had never been so close to so many peasants before." She even says, "We cannot travel in this car. is not clean. And the people do not look trustworthy." When Esperanza doesn't share her doll with the girl in the car her mother is very embarrassed and disappointed. Why is her mother embarrassed/disappointed? What do Esperanza's actions on the journey show us about her character? Do you think Esperanza will learn to accept that they are no longer wealthy and change for the better? Why or why not? 

Make sure to write in complete sentences and use a RAD response. You should use details from the story to support your answers. Type this in your blogging doc first so you can make corrections if necessary. Make sure to edit and revise your answer before you post it.


  1. Esperanza’s mother was embarrassed because when Esperanza didn’t give the doll to that girl, her mother was probably thinking We have lost our house, but at least we have some things, and this little girl has less than us. Esperanza should just let her have the doll. Esperanza’s actions shows us that she is not ready to give up her wealthy life.

    1. Geat answer! I really agree. I can also see that Esperanza isn't ready to give up her old life stile. I think your answer is amazing and a pure 4!

  2. I think Esperanza will except that they're not wealthy anymore and in a couple months she will learn she is not wealthy anymore and she never will be wealthy again. Esperanza’s Mom was embarrassed because she is probably thinking, “Oh no Esperanza is a kind, happy person but she isn’t so kind to non wealthy people she is going to have a hard new life.” Also it was just a little kid! She can just let her borrow it and she can keep an eye on her and get it back at the end of the ride.

  3. Why Esperanza's mother was disappointed in her when she would not share with the peasant girl is because that they were not wealthy anymore and so they should pay attention to everybody not just other wealthy people. How Esperanza's actions tell us about her is that she is not ready to adjust to the new life. no I don't think she could adjust to the new life.


  4. Why I think that Esperanza's mom was disappointed at Esperanza because she didn’t share the doll but if I was her I would NOT be mad at her I think that the only reason that Esperanza did not share her doll because that doll man a lot to Esperanza.I think Esperanza’s actions along the journey show that she cares about her dad and his loss. She s going to miss her old life for two reasons, one she does not have to work and two her old life involved her dad. I think that Esperanza will learn that she is no longer wealthy because everyone knows that when you don’t have money you can’t buy thing so she will figure it out.